Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Co-Workers and Family

Hey guys and gals,

Last week we talked about honoring God in our relationships at work. In class it was mentioned that not everyone is equally valuable, specifically that some people do and say things that are not of value. What should we do then? Well I think a starting place might be that everyone is valuable in a certain respect, namely that they are a person. God created them and made them in his image, even if they are distorting that image with their actions and words. However, we don't have to value the things that people do. I want to get at this problem from a different angle though and to do so I have to ask a question: How do we value people as human beings when we don't value their words and actions?

So far we have talked about strangers and then about co-workers. My intention was to continue each week by discussing a more intimate relationship than the last. This week I was stuck with a bit of a conundrum - should we talk about our relationship with our friends or our families? One person may be closer to their friends than their family and the next person vice versa. So I flipped a coin and family won. Therefore this week we will discuss honoring God in our families. I want to explore honoring our parents as adults (what about dishonorable parents?), our relationships with our siblings (if we have them), the patterns in which we are often stuck in our families, etc. So be thinking about your relationships to your family members. How can you honor God in those relationships?

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