Monday, November 3, 2008

Amy's first post

Hi~ Happy Monday.
This is my first post...kind of intimidating because I feel like it should be something extra special. BUT rather than wait for something extra special to pop into my head (at the risk of having that never happen), I figured I'd just pop in and at least write something!!
If you are wondering what we do at Crossroads, its quite simple. We meet every Sunday (like Matt below said) and usually go through part of a series. Its great because its like a sermon, except you can have input and ask questions! Currently we are studying 1 Corinthians. Can I just say how great it is to have a PhD student going through that with us because it is one tough book!
Another one of the Crossroad's favorites is snack/social time. After worship, prayer, and announcements...we all run over to the back where there are snacks (usually some delectable high calorie dish), coffee, tea, and lemonade. We try to briefly catch up on each others' work week.

Overall its a good should come try! (oh and if you already go to Crossroads, this may have been a boring now its your turn to write something more interesting!! ).
What did you all think about the sermon on Sunday? Any lifestyle changes you are going to be trying to make?

OH I thought also, if someone has a prayer request that you feel comfortable writing on the blog, this could be a good place to share it and if we check it midweek we can all be praying for you during the week.


Joe Demers said...

Thanks for getting the ball rolling with the blog! I hope this will be a good place for us all to check in with each other durring the week.

J. Matthew Barnes said...

Great post Amy and thanks for your kind words!

I know that after preparing that lesson that I will think much more intentional about how I allow myself to be influenced by the culture around us, whether it's moralit, ideology, or whatever.