Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crossroads Halloween Party!

We here at Crossroads had a great Halloween party on the 31st and so we thought that we should share some of the pics from the party. So, here are the pictures!

Alyssa (as a substitute teacher), Ginger (as a Hershey's kiss), and Alida (as a crayon) pretending to be scared of Amy W. (as a devil)!

Matt (as a crayon), Andrew (as an 80's tennis player...nice legs!), and Joe D. (as Babe Ruth) striking a pose!

Joe S. and Sarah (as boxers) getting ready to settle things like men!

And the real star or the party, the Sarah Palin pumpkin, carved in tag-team fashion by Joe D. and Ginger! Great job guys!

Aren't we a great looking group?!?

Thanks to everyone for coming to this event! Thanks to everyone for dressing up and making it a blast for all of us! Thanks to you for checking out this post! And a very special thanks to our beloved Cereal Killer, Hai, for hosting!

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