Friday, February 20, 2009

The Real Jesus

Hello all. It's been awhile since we've had a new post here so I thought I would put something forward and see if I got any bites. Something I've been thinking about lately is "The Real Jesus". I have been reading in John and looking at exactly who Jesus said he is, what his disciples experience of Jesus was and what the people's experience was who came into contact with him. It has made me think of my personal experience of who Jesus is and think of the Jesus that has been presented to me throughout my upbringing and the Jesus that my past churches and our current church talks about. My thought and main question has become whether or not the Jesus I know is the Jesus that his disciples experienced, that those in the house churches in China experience, that the poor experienced, that the blind man in Jerusalem experienced. The things I'm discovering some exciting truths, and some difficult truths. It's a real challenge though. I'd like to hear the thoughts of anyone who reads this. Let it out!


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J. Matthew Barnes said...

I would certainly like to think that all of those "Jesuses" are the same...but how can we be certain? I don't think we can. Of course, our perception of the Savior affects our experience of him, so there is definitely going to be some inherent differences with different people.

At the bottom I guess this is a faith thing. I have faith that the Jesus I experience is the same as the one that Peter did, that Paul did, that you do, that the Christians in Cambodia, South Africa, and the Netherlands do. I'll admit that we all probably talk about him differently, worship him differently, etc...but I have faith that the same Jesus that pursued me despite my sins did, does, and will do the same for others.

So I guess the question is this: can we get behind our perceptions and see the "Real Jesus"? The closest thing that we have, I guess, is the evidence of who he was and the testimony to who he is in the Bible.