Monday, April 27, 2009

Follow-Up from Sunday

By popular demand I am writing a short blog to ask a few simple questions.

Can you think of more TV shows, movies, books, etc that focus on human relationships? How are these relationships portrayed? Are parts of their portrayals redeemable?


Ice Man said...

As we discussed yesterday, most every successful TV show or movie contain themes that deal with relationships. I thought of a couple more....

The Sopranos is all about the relationships of a family (both domestic and mafia) led by Tony Soprano. In fact, each of the first few seasons focus on Tony as a father, son, and husband. A central story line of the series also deals with Tony going to a psychiatrist to talk about his relationships.

Woody Allen is a filmmaker who has made a career of making movies that deal with complicated relationships between men and women.

These are just a couple, I'm sure there are hundreds of more out there.


J. Matthew Barnes said...

Those are two good ones!

For some odd reason I was thinking about the sibling relationship in Rainman today. Complicated but loving in the end.